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Special operations               reconnaissance team

c PLatoon - Sniper team

C Platoon :

                 C platoon is made up of 2 men. A Lead Sniper, and A Snipers Scout. C platoon is dispatched as a long distance - Specific Shot team. Their objective is to remain unseen, and to stealthy engage /eliminate targets from a distance without being seen.


C platoon also acts as a form of recon surveilance. While in hiding, they communicate with D and B platoon on the enemies position, there potential movements. And whos a threat to the rest of the units.


How ever - generally C Platoon will not engage targets unless it is confirmed from the assualt teams. usually sniper teams will be established prematurelly to set up an ambush to the oncoming threats.


By dispatching the snipers ahead of the troops, or in odd ball locations - all 3 teams can set up a paremeter that may be used  in later planning. Upon reaching their locations, all 3 teams can strike simaltaneously. but must remember they are used for Sniping.. not Assualting.

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